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View Diary: DADT: Inside the Pentagon's Working Group Study Bias (71 comments)

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    OTOH, could it be that Mullin, who is personally opposed to DADT, could be willing to get the strongest expression of opposition in order to counter it?

    By all means, let's look at possible motives--but be fair and consider all of them. Or do you believe that he was lying before Congress?

    And I disagree with writing off the survey as "bigoted". Do you really think they need to learn anything in this survey? They already have the answers. In my corporate experience, efforts like this are internal PR to soften resistance to policy changes that have already been decided.

    Look at what happened with Gen. Mixon--I think it's great that he opened his trap. I think he did Mullin (and us) a favor by making himself the poster boy for public opposition. He got a public rebuke by the JCS Chairman--he got his peepee whapped in broad daylight. It's irrelevant whether he got a written reprimand or immediate retirement--I bet you dollars to donuts his career is over when his tour as Commander of Pacific Army is up. I'll be shocked if he gets another posting. My bet is he'll get the same treatment Wesley Clark got--his replacement will be named and Mixon won't get another appointment within 60 days, triggering mandatory retirement.

    Can we elevate the discussion here? So much of what we're seeing isn't black and white and has more than one interpretation. By all means build your hypothesis--but respect alternative speculation.

    "[The GOP wanting to debate Obama is like saying] 'Let's see how tough Aquaman is when we get him in the water.' " --Seth Meyers

    by homogenius on Fri Jun 11, 2010 at 02:41:13 PM PDT

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