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  •  I sincerely hope it is that simple (2+ / 0-)
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    But I have to say after watching the events in the gulf where BP is allowed to do whatever it damn well pleases - shut up the workers, not care about health and safety of people on the sea and at shore and not have to be pestered about any damn thing it makes me feel that the Obama administration is all about "governing" and "doing what it takes" with not much thought about consequences.  And I put those phrases in quotes because I truly think the Obama administration thinks it is on the right path but is imbued within with people, like Rahm who put blinders on and push for a goal and people who don't push for the same goal are likely to be labeled as people to be excluded from the process, i.e. progressives.

    It can look highly successful for things are getting done, but the quality of those things are suspect.  Things are pushed away and down, like old Bush policies at Gitmo, but they cannot be taken care of because of the horse trading going on to get to some "solution" that Rahm or whoever thinks will be just enough to take it off the burner.  Solving stuff just isn't as important as getting things off the stove quickly.  Horse trading comes up early with this bunch, policy is not as important as the quick glossy paint applied with enough talking points to look good to a majority of folks.  For instance, they made a deal with Pharma early in the process and stayed with that deal.  It is costly to taxpayers and consumers but Pharma stayed out of the fray and didn't add to the push back.  The public option now looks as if it was just a sacrificial lamb in this process and not a real target of focus.  It made sense to do that and they can justify it saying things can be revisited later.  But none of us really know the depth of that deal with Pharma.  

    They have the "commission" to review the entitlement programs like social security and medicare but it is in the dark like Cheney's energy policy.  Likewise they have the commission to look at the oil spill.  Again this is in the dark.  

    And we are hearing a great deal about a "Gulf" solution.  But we are also seeing incompetence, negligence, stone walling in the current phase of the Gulf disaster.  In spite of the Obama's visits things are still in the dark.  Or at least feel that way to me.

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