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  •  Same Old, Same Old (3+ / 0-)
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    From the other depression:

       Among the measures enacted during the first Hundred Days [of the New Deal} were the following:


       Economy Act (March 20), cut federal costs through reorganization of and cuts in salaries and veterans' pensions;

       ...the most prominent left-wing threat to Roosevelt was a Louisiana senator, Huey P. Long, who railed at the New Deal for not doing enough. Conservatives argued that Roosevelt had done too much...

       The Economy Act caused a second Bonus Army to form. But Roosevelt handled this protest much more carefully than Hoover had: His administration set up an encampment for the protesters (albeit too far from the Capitol to make their protest effective), prohibited loitering in the District of Columbia (forcing the marchers to stay outside the city), sent Eleanor Roosevelt to deliver food and medicine to the marchers...

    Of course all the money saving made things worse and the depression deepened for a time.

    Eventually the veterans and the widows and orphans got their pensions back and all was forgotten and forgiven.

    FDR was not a swift learner but he did make some headway in that department.  It is not readily apparent that the current president is capable of learning at all, which is very surprising to me.  

    Best,  Terry

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