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    If the record showed either that trans ND protections could be passed separately or that trans-exclusive ND legislation stood a better chance of passing, then I (as a trans person who's also gay) would be willing to compromise and support a trans-exclusive ENDA, on the basis that trans people are better off with sexual orientation protected than without it. (No matter what our sexual orientation is, there's always somebody who thinks we're gay.)

    But the record shows neither of those things. Even with trans protections stripped, ENDA opponents continue to use "bathroom" and "cross-dressing" lies and scare tactics to kill the bills. And as New York demonstrated recently, trans protections stank approximately a snowball's chance in Hell of passing separately. So stripping trans protections is a lose-lose proposition that neither makes the bill easier to pass nor leaves a viable route to getting trans protections in the future.

    The problem is that while sexual orientation is not the same as gender expression or identity, a large part of the basis for male homophobia is rooted in issues of gender, not sexuality.

    Every horror committed by man begins with the lie that some man is not a man. - Jyrinx

    by kyril on Mon Jun 14, 2010 at 09:03:05 AM PDT

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