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  •  harm, and elements of a basis set (2+ / 0-)
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    kyril, Pris from LA

    Tricky, indeed. That's why I didn't enter his $1000 challenge.

    From the perspective of measurement, Haidt's five building blocks do seem to function as a "basis set". (At least, I think that was the term, one I barely remember from a fairly hairy math class twenty years ago.)

    I have found it helpful to study some cultural anthropology, too. As a result I now mentally add the qualifying phrase "in our culture" to most psychological explanations. Our psychology knowledge has been mostly derived from modern cultures. My personal working hypothesis is that our culture skews some of our reference baselines in ways we don't always recognize. I suspect that if our culture changes (and I believe it will have to change if we are to last much longer) then our reference baselines about some norms will look different a few decades from now.

    In a sustainable culture, I suspect our moral sliders may be set differently.


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