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  •  If you love the series, (5+ / 0-)

    it's definitely worth watching. I'm a cinephile so I like stuff like that even though Wes Craven's first installment was the best, imo.

    I believe in coming out. I came out as an atheist because I think people who are like me need every bit of support we can get. Likewise for gays. I talked to my friend about my atheism and she was plesently surprised because of the propaganda associated with atheism (mostly Satanism--lol) did not fit me. I agree that we should show ourselves for who we are. Just regular people with interesting quirks and boring details just like everyone else.

    I had a huge problem assuming everyone was straight. Unless someone was out and admitted it, I didn't believe them. What I was missing was the fact that most people didn't want to come out because they didn't feel safe and my ignorance was contributing to their invisibility and their oppression by not hearing their voices.

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