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  •  so i have another question/topic: (1+ / 0-)
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    What do you know about this:

    People of whatever sexual orientation, whose primary axis of significant relationship is something other than sex?  

    For me, all my life, it's been "grab me by the brain, and my heart will follow (and then if the orientations match, maybe sex)."  Shared creative synergy is #1 on my list of values in relationships, even if that means zero probability of ending up in bed with someone.  

    To my mind this is a different type of "sexual minority" (or perhaps more accurately stated as "affectional minority") in a culture where sex is usually one of the top items on peoples' agendas.  And it's barely recognized as even existing: like "homosexuality in Iran," (per Ahmadinejad's famous comment, "we don't have that here") but with the culture rather than the government, as the determinant.  

    Is there any literature on this topic, or is it somehow swept into a different category along the lines of "unsuccessful at sex" in the manner of the old psychoanalytic attitude toward homosexuality as being a form of "arrested development"?

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