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  •  Most of the poverty around here (4+ / 0-)
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    is white, though a percentage of it is black and hispanic. Which pretty accurately reflects the composition of the town.

    Around here it's a jobs and medical care problem. The town grew big around GM plants. The plants are gone. Having to work out of town (because that's where the jobs are) costs us 1/5 of our income every month just in gasoline. But moving doesn't make sense; we both have elderly parents who own houses and have lives in this area, and are in the area of health where they're okay but one slip and fall... So we need to stay here.

    And, of course, there is the medical care issue. That even if you have a job the inevitable cost of being human will eat your savings. And when you are too sick to work, how do you keep your job and the health insurance?

    It doesn't help that around here the Vietnam generation are castigating the younger generations for their laziness and inability to manage their money. Of course, a lot of the Vietnam generation around here are retired from GM with a pension and healthcare.  Lots of generational tension.

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