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  •  War on Congress (1+ / 0-)
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    Going to war on Congress or trying to go above or around them did not end well for Jimmy Carter and it made healthcare reform a non-starter in the Clinton administration. I think that is why he encourages them to do their constitutional duty of getting up and going to work.

    •  HE is a community organizer, (1+ / 0-)
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      it is about the PEOPLE putting pressure on Congress FOR HIM.  He actually have Democratic Senators who will NOT vote for extending COBRA subsidies for the unemployed.  That is not right.  He needs to go after them.  He needs to show the American Public he will FIGHT FOR THEM, even if it is from his bull horn.  No excuses here.  And this is a huge GRIPE from people about him and why he is clueless and really believe that the people's anger at him is manufactured by the press.  Don't believe it, watch yesterday's Meet the Press and Roger Simon said this was told to him directly from his interview with Obama.  That tells me that he blames everyone else, but him or his failings?  No way.  If Barack Obama was allowed to walk around the Gulf, the people would have plenty to say about the way this government has handled that oil catastrophe in the Gulf, as they watch their pristine beaches become oil slicks, while the WH is arguing and sending letters to BP to "do better...."

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