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View Diary: "Mission Accomplished" fallout (151 comments)

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  •  Re: blogwhoring (none)
    For the record, I think it's okay to promote your own blog.

    Thanks.  I still feel dirty, though!  :-)

    On topic: while I like the use of "prance", I have to say I thought Lieberman's comment was the best.  Throws all of BushCo's lies right back at them.  And I'm NOT a fan of Joe, to say the least...

    The fool wonders, the wise man asks.

    by NTodd on Wed Oct 29, 2003 at 08:04:18 AM PST

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    •  Re: blogwhoring (none)
      I agree...I am not a big fan of Joe Lieberman, but his quote above is razor sharp.

      I like Clark's as well, but Lieberman's is a much better shot across the bow.

      If only someone I supported would say things like that :)

      •  Re: blogwhoring (none)
        It's all a matter of personal taste, what sort of a joke do you relate better to.

        Lieberman's is a bit more cerebral, using a play on the words banner and "mission accomplished" itself.

        Clark's million dollar word is "prance", and the connotation is a direct attack on W's manhood.

        Survivor ROUND 4 Carol Wes Howard JohnE Dick Al Joe Dennis JohnK

        by DaveOinSF on Wed Oct 29, 2003 at 08:45:21 AM PST

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        •  Re: blogwhoring (none)
          it's a bit deeper than that--anyone can criticize bush for being phony (and plenty have), but it's that much more serious to see a former general do it. words aside, the image of a general disapproving of a deserter's PR schtik is almost too good to be true.

          "Politics is not about money and power games, it's about the improvement of people's lives." - Paul Wellstone

          by josh in chi town on Wed Oct 29, 2003 at 09:55:00 AM PST

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      •  Re: blogwhoring (none)
        That is an extremely cutting remark by Lieberman.  I'm no fan of his either, but he gets a 10 out of 10 for that one.  I think what makes it most effective is that it seems to come out of a sense of genuine anger and disgust for the depths Boy George sunk to in this particular instance.  If he's getting Lieberman that mad at him, you'd better believe there are a hell of a lot of other Inside-the-Beltway types who feel at least as angry.

        "Magnanimity in politics is not seldom the truest wisdom; and a great empire and little minds go ill together." - Edmund Burke

        by JJB on Wed Oct 29, 2003 at 08:58:57 AM PST

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