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  •  Re: "Mission Accomplished" fallout (none)
    I am also for Dean, but I've got to say Clark's use of the word "prance" is excellent and priceless!  Thank you, General!
    •  Re: "Mission Accomplished" fallout (none)
      I just hope that, if Dean does garner the nomination, that Clark and Lieberman and the rest continue to go after Bush, only harder. The one thing the Right does so much better than us is to use third parties outside the official campaign to attack as outriders, taking the attack to the enemy and diverting the hits from the official candidate, allowing him to remain more statesmanlike.  
      •  Re: "Mission Accomplished" fallout (none)
        Now that would be interesting - nine candidates going after Bush all the time.  Anyone think that is a possibility?  

        While intriguing, I think it would muddle the message.  I think people would get confused just exactly who the Democrats are running.

      •  Absolutely! (none)
        This is why the circular firing squads and egos shit has to stop RIGHT NOW!!!

        Which ever 8 (nine including Graham) that end up odd man (or woman) out, must continue the fight, with every gun blazing, until the GOP is driven from the WH and from Congress.

        Every last one should be stumping for whoever wins the nomination, and the name of the nominee and a swift kick to Bush's nuts should be an automatic first things off their lips.

        It should be a pavlovian reflex for every Democrat, and every person who wants Bush out of office, regardless of party affiliation (this means you Greens, Libertarian, Independents and moderate GOPs). Until the GOP tosses the neocons and religious nutballs over the side, they must be attacked. Attacked, repeatedly, mercilessly, over and over and over.

        The Twig is an unmitigated disaster for our nation.


        Mitch Gore

        "Liberal" and "Progressive" are NOT pejoratives.

        by Lestatdelc on Wed Oct 29, 2003 at 10:23:46 AM PST

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    •  Re: "Mission Accomplished" fallout (none)
      Note also Clark's speech ascribing blame for 9/11 to Bush.  I suppose we have to await for Kean to subpoena the WH records to be sure, but good for Clark.
    •  Re: "Mission Accomplished" fallout (none)
      "Prance" is priceless.  Hits the dime-store cowboy right in the saddle horn.

      George W. Bush: 0 for 2 in 04

      by VA6thDem on Wed Oct 29, 2003 at 11:05:09 AM PST

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