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  •  Re: "Mission Accomplished" fallout (3.00)
    His campaign told us he would govern 'like a CEO'. Well, like many CEOs, nothing is his fault, it's the underlings, the 'market', 'shareholders', 'unforseen circumstances' ....
    •  Re: "Mission Accomplished" fallout (none)
      Precisely. He is running the country now just as he ran his businesses before - into the ground.
    •  Yup (3.00)
      as a long corporate worker... that's what it meant to me all along.

      I've worked for government and corporations as a software engineer.  It's a lie that corporations are more efficient... a total lie.  Even $500 hammers, which are an abomination, are cheap compared to the waste of corporations.  The only difference is corporations are likely unaccountable for that, so are not blamed for that, and people are all over the government (as they should be).

      •  Re: Yup (none)
        I believe I read somewhere that $500 hammers and such are often accounting tricks to hide black ops money and slush funds. With these people, who knows ...
      •  Re: Yup (none)
        It's a lie that corporations are more efficient... a total lie.


        Everytime I read/hear someone utter that chestnut I ask myself if these people have every actually DEALT with an insurance company or a bank, or the customer service department of any major corporation that provides its employees with scripts for telling the public that they are unable to actually address any problem but are nonetheless "happy" to have "served" (read: processes a complaint away rather than actually solve a problem)you.  

        Efficiency from who's perspective?


        •  Re: Yup (none)
          This is another costly Rethug lie. I work for a not-for-profit contractor that tries to help the government guys to be less ripped off by the rest of the contractors. I sleep very well at night - I don't see how the other guys do. While not every civil servant is a model of efficiency, some of them are. They are undoubtedly the most honest people I have ever worked with.

          The way this really has worked: You iniitially replace 100 somewhat inefficient civil servants with 98 supposedly more efficient contractors. You need to keep 10 civil servants to manage their contract. And you need to hire me and another person to help the civil servants. Quickly, you find out they underbid and 5 years later it's 200 contractors.  They are no more efficient than the civil servants were in the first place. Their turnover is 80% a year, so no one ever knows what they are doing.

          If privatizing government was such a wonderful thing - the government would be enormously more efficient than it was 1n 1980. I saw what it did to NASA - very sad. I truly wish that they would "unprivatize" the federal government.

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