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  •  Re: "Mission Accomplished" fallout (none)

    I think Gore 'lost' because he 'claimed' to have 'invented' the internet.  No one gets elected misoverestimating the intelligence and focus of the American voter.  I think there are more than a few toll booth operators and fry cooks who can understand this who will never understand what Plame was all about.

    Disclaimer:  Any toll booth operators and/or fry cooks reading dK are, without a doubt, the most intelligent (and good looking) tbos a/o fcs out there, and no doubt see the different levels of importance between outright treason and the simple inability to tell the truth.

    Ms. Williams says that Jesus turned water into wine
    You'd think someone who could do something like that
    Would be a friend of mine

    by George on Wed Oct 29, 2003 at 08:55:30 AM PST

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    •  Re: "Mission Accomplished" fallout (none)
      OK, I'll repeat as everyone here no doubt knows, Al Gore NEVER said he invented the internet got it?
      •  Yeah (none)
        but he did take the inititave in it's funding.

        Frankly I'm tired of debunking what Gore said... go the Tim Berners Lee route (that guy DID invent it) and explain... uh, Gore was crucial in the growth of the internet, since money was required for years, and finally the will to open it up to commercialization.  

        It's like the internet is so great, no politician could have possibly had anything to do with it.  Oh, except it was a government project!

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