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  •  Re: Humor (none)
    I disagree. While humour is great for dealing with serious stuff, Americans have very little sense of humour about things close to home.

    You don't want to attract charges of not taking something serious, seriously.

    But plenty of personal attacks on bush that portray him as a clown are great. Make fun of him, make it clear that he cannot credibly represent you in the world, any more than Bozo, nor would you want him to.

    Getting the people to see the emperor naked will automatically undermine what he has to say. Meanwhile, seriously pile on to his policies, his actions and their consequences.

    THAT's why prance is so good, its a disembodied image that will apply to all situations.

    •  Re: Humor (none)
      you are right, and actually, later in the day I realized I was wrong about this.  The banner is a no big deal kind of Haircut Incident thing.  Taking it seriously let's Bush escape the real issue, which turns out to be the fact that his answer to "do you support that message, Mission (was) Accomplished?" was NO, that was the soldiers.

      so I'm back to reality where you take serious things serious and funny things funnilly.

      You have to forgive me.  I used to believe the parties were the same and that the only wasted vote was voting for someone you don't believe in.  Now I'm into strategy.  It does matter.  It matters a lot.  And this country can certainly handle, maybe even benefit in some idealized example, from a Republican Administration.  I think Clark would be a decent Democrat, and he could be a decen Republican too.  Clinton, same thing.  BUT, the republicans have their moderates on the fringe, and this Bush Administration is destabalizing the WORLD!  the world.  There is no reason there can't be a WWIII except the people that know it's possible and that tried to get diplomacy and world economy to prevent it.  I'm concerned.  I want to win.  I don't want to lie, but I'm not against rhetorical strategy, not at all.  But I need to stay grounded and keep up up.  :)  thanks for your reply and sorry for the verbosisity... I'm thinking outloud I guess.

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