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  •  Re: "Mission Accomplished" fallout (none)
    You don't understand. There is a darker motive here. It is a trial baloon. The speech writers are trying out the idea of having Bush blame the sailors for the sign to see if it works.

    If it does, then his next speech will be a statement to the efect that "Hey, I didn't attack Iraq. General Tommy Franks and the military did that. No one in the White House would have been ingenious enough to have pulled that off. We just helped out with a few elements of public relations."

    •  Re: "Mission Accomplished" fallout (none)
      They're already going down this road, based on McClellan's responses at the press conference today when asked about Bush dodging the "trick question" about withdrawing troops. He punted responsibility, saying something along the lines of, "That's a military decision, not the president's." To which I think one of the reporters replied, "He's the commander-in-chief."
      •  Re: "Mission Accomplished" fallout (none)
        As I learned in the Army, a leader is responsible for everything his troops do or fail to do.

        It is extremely clear that Bush has never learned that. Neither have any of his other chickenhawks, including Scott McClelland.

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