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View Diary: VA Legislative Sentry: Major Defeat for Birth Control in VA (118 comments)

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  •  Okay, how many people attend Christian colleges? (none)
    of the conservative sort over the past thirty years?

    Is "tens of thousands" enough for you? The NYT estimated that there were around 100 thousand plu conservative hardcore Catholics of the Gibson ilk, last year when Passion came out. I talked to a relative in the consrvative Christian book industry about that number, and they figured that was about right - this is someone who sells books to that target audience and needs to know the math.

    There are more of them than there are registered dKossacks, that's for sure.

    "Don't be a janitor on the Death Star!" - Grey Lady Bast (change @ for AT to email)

    by bellatrys on Tue Jan 25, 2005 at 05:18:43 AM PST

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    •  christian college (none)
      Having the book at these colleges and the kids actually doing what it says in the book are two different things.
      What evidence do you have that these kids are actually not using condoms? Is there a higher incidence of VD on Christian Campuses because they are using the withdrawel and abstinence methods or oral sex only?

      What Would Shirley Chisholm Do?

      by ricardo4 on Tue Jan 25, 2005 at 05:45:38 AM PST

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      •  What evidence do you have that they're having sex? (none)
        I suspect that it's something that would be impossible to get accurate statistics for anyway, but I'm certain that a large portion at least genuinely are of the "abstain until marriage" POV.
    •  in electoral terms (none)
      tens of thousands in a state the size of VA is just about insignificant.
      •  are you stupid or just coy? (none)
        You're wilfully missing the point: you want to believe that there are only a few "dead enders" and yet you had no clue that any of this was coming down the pike.

        You're unaware of the movement, let alone of the size of the movement, you have no idea how many of these people - my former side - are out there and how many people in turn they are influencing and by what means.

        There are links to the CIA propaganda branches, btw.

        But you go on believing that they're just a few "dead-enders," like old Rummy, if you want, despite no evidence whatsoever but your own feelings. Anyone with any sense will not, though.

        "Don't be a janitor on the Death Star!" - Grey Lady Bast (change @ for AT to email)

        by bellatrys on Tue Jan 25, 2005 at 05:22:59 PM PST

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        •  I don't live in VA (none)
          so I don't pay much attention to what the VA legislature has on its mind.  

          I have no idea what Rummy and the CIA have to do with banning birth control pills (and won't the VA lege have a SCOTUS decision called Griswold v Connecticut to deal with if they try for the ban?).  I said I'd expect such a ban to be very unpopular among women voters, maybe enough to get the perpetrators thrown out.  The response was "don't be so sure, lots of women are against contraceptives".  I asked how many and the answer was "tens of thousands".  Since the population of VA is around 7 million, tens of thousands doesn't sound like all that many.

          I don't see what Rummy or the CIA has to do with that.

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