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View Diary: VA Legislative Sentry: Major Defeat for Birth Control in VA (118 comments)

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  •  So get this.... (none)
    I'm currently talking with the Henrico Democrat's about running agaisnt Delegate Jack Reid in the 72nd  House District...I most likely have no chance of winning since after living here for three years I know that most people out in these parts are either Rich Republicans or Red-neck Republicans, not to say there aren't rich and red-neck democrats, but that mostly out here their aren't...But I thought that was cool.

    As for people who are vulnerable, any crazy wing-nut conservative who didn't vote for the tax-increase.  They look like fools, and if we're smart we can vote for the wing nuts in the primaries in blocs and then run a moderate democrat against them in the real election.  Oh and Devolites, she's my HOME representative in Fairfax.  She apparrently had an affair with Tom Davis from what I hear and both divorced their spouses to be with each other.  This is just what I hear, not really sure its true.  But she has GOT to go if she's going to be anti-women, anti-saneness.

    •  Republican primaries (none)
      I've heard that it's quite likely that we're going to see a lot of Republican primaries this year, as the Grover Norquist-types go out to punish those Republicans who supported the plan for fiscal responsibility.  They're well funded, and they could be successful in picking off a few more moderate Republicans and replacing them with even more extremists.

      We've got to be there in those districts to be running strong while the Republicans are shooting each other and weakening each other.

      It's so great that you're thinking of running.  What has the response been from the Henrico democrats?  Will they support you?  Did they have another candidate in mind?

      •  well.. (none)
        I've briefly talked about it with the head of the organization, I think I have to go sell myself to them before they would back me and put money up for me.  We shall see how it goes.  But I mean if they spend 400 dollars on me, and that forces the other guy to spend 5,000 to defeat me.  That's still 5,000 less that could go to defeat Kaine.  The guy only had 7,000 votes for him in the lastt election.  I'm sure I could find 4,000 democrats sign them up by election day and win at least a 40% vote share.

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