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  •  It's not so much the mention of prayer- (2+ / 0-)
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    aliasalias, StateofEuphoria

    it's where it came in the speech - at the end as a kind of summing up . The end would have been a good place to include some specific positive statements, pledges of action- instead we got a bunch of "we don't know"s  followed by a call for us to pray to God.

    The inference for me at that point was- "we don't know what's happening and we don't know exactly how we're going to do whatever vague thing it is we're going to do-- let's hope Go can get us through this."

    I'm glad he wants BP to pony up, I'm glad he brought up a new energy policy -  but the speech was short on reassurances that contained concrete plans-- like -- here's what we're going to do about this, this is what we're going to do about that.

    The speech should have acknowledged the various problems we can all see and then followed up each problem with solutions.  

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