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View Diary: FreedomWorks/Tea Party Boycotting MSNBC Over Documentary (268 comments)

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  •  On impotence... (8+ / 0-)

    Lashing out at relatively mild documentaries and boycotting their advertisers isn't going to gain them much respect. To the contrary, it will reveal just how small and impotent a minority they really are.

    The tea partiers seem determined to demonstrate that they are better, more authentic Americans than anyone else. One way they seek to accomplish this is by plastering a ridiculous number patriotic symbols wherever possible, from their bodies, to their vehicles to their twitter home pages.  Implicit in this obsessive, almost pathological, use of such symbols is the following message: the black president is not a real American.  Democrats, progressives, liberals, feminists and immigrants are not real Americans.   Know a real American by his full-torso-unfurling-American-flag-steely-eyed-bald-Eagle T-shirt.  Every fiber of their being - and clothing - is screaming that some people simply don't deserve to be real citizens like they do.  

    Instead of projecting strength and patriotism, however, this over-the-top use of patriotic symbols reveals the insecurity and impotence they feel.  Worse yet, it exposes them for the fake patriots they are, if they believe in the symbols themselves but not the values the symbols represent: equality for all, inalienable rights, a democratically functioning government and freedom from mob rule. To them, being a real American is a zero sum game.  When more people are included or long-overdue rights are finally recognized, existing stakeholders are somehow diminished.  It is an elitist attitude from people who consider themselves to be the salt of the earth.

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