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View Diary: Gunrunners {Drugs} in an Insane Society, Ours! (250 comments)

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  •  Could you provide peer reviewed studies (9+ / 0-)

    to support this statement:

    Those packing, many of them, end up injuring or killing themselves or others close to them or just mad at!

    Because I've never found one. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the "truth".

    The only scientific studies that were actually done, showed the exact opposite, .08% of guns owners actually were hurt or killed by their own guns.

    This is pure propaganda:

    And yes, someone Who Feels The Need To Carry is immature and irresponsible, just follow your local news if not national news!

    Where have you been the last decade? How many times has the MSM passed off VNR's (video news releases) as "news" or "fact"? How many TV stations in the US were investigated for the 192 fake news releases?

    How many Iraqi's have been murdered because of the MSM's lies and propaganda? How many Afghan's?

    How many people have been offended, injured and/or killed by your "free speech"? How many abortion doctors have been killed, or gay/lesbian people, or how many have been killed because of the 774,746 words contained in the bible? Millions if not billions throughout history, correct!

    So when we compare your "free speech rights" to "gun owners" rights. Clearly free speech must be banned, too many times has it been used to incite riots, violence and/or genocide.

    Insane you say? I'd agree, it's the price of being free, is it not?

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