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View Diary: Accountability for BP - And for Michele Bachmann (225 comments)

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    I'm not in your district (heck, Im not even in your state), but I have been following your campaign from afar and it is a blessing.  Rep. Bachman is a national disgrace and I really wonder if she truly believes the utter nonsense she spews or whether she is just playing up to the lunatic fringe.  It is hard for me to believe that a sane peerson actually would say the things she says.  I hope for your sake that the good people in your district see that the only way to move forward is to elect someone who cares about their interests and will fight for them as opposed to fighting the other right-wing lunatics to see who can say the craziest thing at any particular moment.  You are truly a bright light, which I hope can burn off the Bachman fog.

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