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View Diary: Accountability for BP - And for Michele Bachmann (225 comments)

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  •  Coming from some in that district who cares (0+ / 0-)

    your litany of words are just that words.  

    You might to read up on things happening in this district.

    Highest home closures in the state.  Unemployment is quite high.

    Having a nut full with platitude's is nothing to be proud about.  I know, I have been included in her phone conference calls.  I was not able to ask questions.

    Bachmann is not representing the district.  What exactly has she done for the district?  Telling them not to return their census because the government was going to use thier information as in WWII where Japanese Americans were sent to camps. When seriously questioned and written about her idiotic nonsense, she had to walk back her crap, but only once she finally was able to comprehend that if MNtans were to loose a house seat, district 6 was first to go.

    So please spare us all the notion that she is speaking up for her district. The letters and messages sent to them are things like Obama is destroying our nation, Obama is spending out of control, etc.  Then she tells them that while Bush2 wrecked havoc, she tells them that Bush had the economy 'working good.'  That he left office with 300B deficit because of 9/11.  I could go on, on the nonsense she spews to the folks that her statisticians have targeted.  

    So please know of what you speak.

    Ms. Clark.  I gave you a glimpse of what Bachmann does.  I am quite confidence that you might have these information already.  

    In order for Bachmann to be defeated, you must know what she does. Then develop a strategy of how to re-educate the district, arm them with truths.  In MN, when given the right message that is truthful, the truth out weighs the lies.

    I am hoping that this year, is the last for Bachmann.  It will be tough, but doable.  48% of the district are kin on Bachmann. If you work as hard as Sen Franken did, you will prevail.  I will be doing my very best for you.  Good luck.

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