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View Diary: A more organized, aggressive Senate caucus (118 comments)

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  •  Since Repubs call Dems obstructionists anyway... (none)
    Since Republicans call Democrats obstructionists and accuse them of playing politics even if only one Democrat objects; we might as well stand up, be counted, speak out, and be tough. As lying low, choosing battles, and rolling over does nothing.
    There will be still be all the emails read on the TV cable channels from Repub. folks condemning the Democrats for slowing down the Congress, for being obstructionists ..that will not change. I think most any Bush supporter in Congress or in America will find any excuse to complain about a Democrat.
    But at least the Democrats can shed their title of being wimps and rolling over. More importantly, even if they lose a battle, they will be on record as objecting and be speaking out for our concerns.

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