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  •  Agree... (none) is a top-down link, and as such, a metaphor for the old, failed politics.  When I read things like,

    "The center has an aide dedicated to getting information to Democratic-leaning bloggers and yesterday launched a website,, to better communicate the positions of Senate Democrats...,"

    my hair falls out.  They need a Dept. of Offense, perhaps headed up by a caucus of Senate press aides, to put together an ORGANIZATION, not "an aide", to 1) LISTEN to ideas from these blogs, not disseminate talking points; to CONSOLIDATE the sturdiest and most considered ideas into manageable short- and long-term legislative agendas, and REPRESENT these ideas faithfully in broadest and most inclusive language devisable.

    The last thing the Democratic Party needs is a dittohead blogdom.  They have until 2006 to get this right, or they're goners.  Dean'll run as a g-ddamn Bull Moose, and I'll vote for him.

    end rant

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