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View Diary: Obama Administration will sue to block hateful anti-immigrant law (208 comments)

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  •  At the cena (dinner) that night (4+ / 0-)

    we shared the table with a doctor who came here at five from Slovenia. His family's story was similar to my spouse's family--WWI was no fun as part of Austro-Hungarian Empire so let's get the Hell out of Dodge while it is quiet. He told the story of being five and literally being carried onto the ship because he did not want to leave.

    Another doctor at the table was Cuban. Of those two, take away the deference given to the medical profession, only one of them could ever face theoretical questioning of their "papers" if the situation got weird.

    What a mixed up policy we have. And the anger is directed to the descendent's of the native peoples. We treated our own horribly, now we want to inflict punishment on others, too. After a recent movie on TV about the Apache, I got to thinking about how the border moved but the people and their lands did not.

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