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View Diary: BP's Unmitigated Gulf of Mexico Disaster ROV #115 (331 comments)

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  •  that stinkin repub yesterday.. (5+ / 0-)

    i have to repeat myself..I posted this earlier..

    he is so bad..Tony Heyward couldn't even

    believe it...he looked over at that guy..and thought "you make me sick - I just ruined your country and you're apologizing to me??

    ever seen one of those movies where the traitor gets shot by the guy he is working for, cause that guy can't stand traitors either??

    that's what I saw on Tony's face yesterday.

    sorry couldn't help myself..that was the lowest sleaziest thing I have seen in a cesspool of sleaze..apologizing to BP..omg..get the fuck out of our country wouldya pal??

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