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    ...he never seriously pushed for the Public Option (once he assumed the presidency, that is -- I recall that HCR was one of those 'minor' quibbles he had with Hillary Clinton in the primaries -- something about being against mandates) -- even Lieberman said as much when talking about his White House meeting with Obama -- never felt any pressure to support, let alone vote for, the public option.

    Even the most generous appraisal of Obama wrt HCR is that he cautiously allowed Baucus and the Finance Committee do its work to gut real reform, but, in actuality, he worked closely with Baucus (and the Blue Dogs and the insurance Industry) to craft the legislation -- hell, even Howard Dean said that the bill he signed was written by insurance industry lobbyists closely tied to Baucus.  

    He saved his most ardent criticism for Nancy Pelosi and the progressive hold-outs in the House who were threatening not to rubber stamp the Senate version if it didn't contain the Public Option.  

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