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View Diary: BP's Gulf of Mexico Disaster Sperm Whale Edition ROV #116 (320 comments)

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  •  ~ Whales Weep This Day~ (13+ / 0-)

    ~ Whales Weep This Day ~

         and that Lawrence piece
       spoke such quite powerful
     resplendent words,

    great heaven words,
    hot wild white breath words,
    hottest blooded words,
    ageless words,
    words from the depths of the seven seas,
    words of the burning archangels,
    blue deep bed of the sea words,
    mountains pressing mountains words,
    inward roaring words of the inner red ocean words,
    dark rainbow bliss words,
    threat facing Seraphim words,
    monsters of love words,
    Aphrodite and Venus words,
    God is love words,,
    words upon words upon words,
    words that honor the whales,
    bold and majestic and noble,

       whales who do not weep,
             weep this day,

    ~ ArthurPoet ~

    ~we study the old to understand the new~from one thing know ten thousand~to see things truly one must see what is in the light and what lies hidden in shadow~

    by ArthurPoet on Fri Jun 18, 2010 at 08:45:00 PM PDT

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