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  •  Fictionalizing it. (5+ / 0-)

    One problem is the actual names are too good.

    Fannie Nethers Hudson, matriarch and proprietor. Possessor of a broad expanse of mountain and hollow. Situated, at birth, midway between heaven and hell.

    Free State Hollow, patriarchal but fecund.

    The trouble happening in Amissville.

    About response, the ineffective inquest into who let the jailbreak, I'd put Otis Nethers Hudson actually on it, before needing to flee to the railroad job in Chicago.

    Grandma Hudson always hinted that Otis left Nethers about some scandal and dispute with Hettie Frances, just before World War I.

    I nearly had a shit fit when I saw "O. N. Hudson" on the inquest board, at just this time.

    Thank God for draft card archives, showing him already in Chicago at the time of the events.

    (There would be a lot of Hudsons in Culpeper.)

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