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  •  Karl Marx wrote that all who work (1+ / 0-)
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    Eddie C

    are the working class, even Joe the plumber, with six figure income.

    The only upper class is those who need not work at all, not even phone calls to run a business.

    Our problem in America is that so many have the illusion of a middle class that is safe and prosperous.

    There is no such middle class.

    Everyone who must work on a regular basis is working class.

    If and when everyone, or enough people, in the working class, simply take over the world, the world can become better.

    As long as the upper class is given all the power by us, accepting the illusion of a middle class, and hoping to enter it, the upper class will simply let us all die of cancer from the pesticide residue on all crops, and the growth hormones in livestock.

    I am trying to eat healthy, but I cannot afford organic food on Walmart wages.


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