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  •  The Black enthusiasm (0+ / 0-)

    One might think that there would be a sizeable dropoff in black voting enthusiasm, since Obama isn't on the ticket.

    Anecdotally...this past weekend I worked on behalf of the county Dem party at a Black History Celebration two day "festival" in a local park. We were looking for voter registration of course, but also reminding people of the Nov. election. Speaking with people passing by the tent, not just those that stopped. And I attest that verbally at least there was a lot of "enthusiasm" to turn out and vote.

    Of course, this is California, which has a Senate and governor's race, but if my anecdotal evidence is worth anything, I was reassured.

    I also think Democratic turnout will be higher than anticipated based on past elections because of the strident nature of the Tea Party and the GOP in general.

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