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    I'll tell you what's needed to get the base to come out and vote. GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT. The WH, the Congress, and the DCCC/DSCC shit on a platter and then they poor some fresh strawberry sauce on it and call it a legislative victory and expect us to be happy. Well guess what ain't workin, and your days are numbered.

    You want us to come out and vote for you, then give us a Public Option NOW. Reverese DADT NOW. Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan NOW. Pass FinReg legislation that breaks up the big banks, makes "exotic instruments, derivatives" and other made-up BS like that ILLEGAL!!!!! NOW. Fire Ken Salazar NOW. Fix MMS NOW. Stop all offshore drilling in the U.S. NOW. Tell Monsanto that NO, they won't be planting their frankenfood in this country ever again and do it NOW. Make it illegal to accept corporate campaign donations NOW. Make taking any money, and presents, any donations, any food products, sex, drugs, trips, concerts, etc, etc, etc from lobbyists illegal NOW.

    Just even do one of those things you corrupt, worthless sacks of shit parading around as our "Leaders". Then maybe I'll vote to keep you in office. Otherwise...I'm voting Green Party for Senate and Governor in the state of California.

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