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View Diary: SCOTUS: Corporations defeat Workers & Consumers, 5-4 (132 comments)

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  •  When DO people have a choice? (3+ / 0-)
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    Adam B, Sychotic1, birdboy2000

    It seems like everything is stacked against us and we have to accept the Company's terms, or in the alternative, live like a hermit and partake in nothing.

    Do you want to buy a piece of software?  You HAVE to agree to their terms or you can't buy it.

    Do you want to pay an online bill?  You HAVE to agree to their terms or you can't do it.

    Do you want to work at X Company?  You HAVE to agree to their terms or you don't get the job.

    Do you want to join a social networking site?  You HAVE to agree to their terms or you can't join.

    Do you want to make an appointment with a medical provider?  You HAVE to tell them everything about you:  Your birth date.  Your Social Security number.  Whereas name and address should be enough.  Of course they have to know how old you are, but you can just tell them your age.  

    And now medical offices want to take your picture.  I draw the line there. It's funny how they never wanted to take your picture using film in a camera, but now... everything has to be taken from you -- no privacy or choices left.

    Just a few examples of Take It or Leave It.

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