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  •  16gb (none)
    Hard disk shouldn't be the problem.  But I think my PII-400 probably won't handle the new distros.  Maybe I'm wrong.  What do you think - this is the hardware spec:

    384MB 100Mhz SDRAM
    16GB hard drive
    ATI 4MB AGP video card

    It's a fairly old computer (top of the line - 6 years ago) but it's still running strong.  I haven't had any mechanical failures.

    •  that's perfectly OK (none)
      In fact, Linux uses old hardware much more efficiently.

      As long as you don't have to install on a 486DX machine (like I do on my beloved Butterfly Thinkpads, which requires a <=2.2 kernel) then all kernel versions should be fine.

      CPU power really does not play into this much, because even a newer kernel which doesn't use much more cycles.
      And in fact, memory management has gotten much better.

      Just don't use the newest, resource-hungriest graphic desktop environment or window manager.

      fluxxbox should be fine.

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