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  •  Firing McChrystal is vital to military discipline (7+ / 0-)

    He and any of his active-duty staff who may have voiced similar sentiments all need to go--and they need to do so minus the face-saving "resignation" decision.

    THE basic tenet of the U.S. military is that of civilian control over the DOD.  This is taught to every recruit from Day 1, and the lesson is repeated throughout one's career.  The reason for it is to help prevent a military coup.

    McChrystal's behavior grossly violated that most important of principles.  When he assumes parity with his superiors, he steps dangerously in the direction of assuming he knows better than his leadership.

    Allowing him to continue in his current role is unacceptable.  For that matter, allowing him to continue as a leader in uniform is unacceptable.  He should be fired--not allowed to resign--and his insubordination should be a factor in determining what grade he is allowed to retire at.

    May I recommend colonel?

    •  the military can kill with immunity. (0+ / 0-)

      They are only beholden to our nations elected leaders.  If the military can scoff at this nation's leaders then this nation no longer exists as a democracy.

      Firing McCrystal is vital.

      •  The military is also beholden to itself (0+ / 0-)

        One of the reasons I find General McChrystal's behavior so offensive is because I spent a career in uniform myself.  I would hate to see professional standards of behavior undermined.

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