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    Somebody put McChrystal where he is, not to be a suckup but to use his own judgement in carrying out the orders of his superiors.  He has done his best, and what he has said and done recently have not been that outrageous compared to some of the things that have been said by officials as well as politicians lately.  There are questions, too, about what happened and how it happened.  So call the man into the Oval Office and find out what happened.  Then if you think he is unworthy of his assignment, let him resign or fire him.  Otherwise give him a lecture and get him back to his job, and stop interfering.

    I like Alan Grayson, I have given money to his campaign.  In this case I think what he is saying is really stupid.  If you want to end Afghanistan operations do so, if you want to keep them going do that, but do it in a thoughtful intelligent way, and don't go off half-cocked every time somebody says something that sounds outrageous.  If we did this Alan Grayson would still be somewhere in Florida.  

    •  stop interfering?? (2+ / 0-)
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      Sharoney, Actbriniel

      I'm sorry, but Obama is Commander in Chief! He doesn't "interfere;" he determines the mission.

    •  that "somebody" who put McCrystal where he is (1+ / 0-)
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      is President Obama. If he has a problem he should discuss it with him instead of whining in public. There is a difference between not being a suckup and being a jackass.

      Officials and politicians do not answer to the President. President Obama is McChrystals BOSS.

      President Obama has lectured him before on this issue and here it happens again, so that is not the answer. McChrystal doesn't seem to understand, and his attitude is bad for moral, time for a change.

      From what I have heard Gen. McChystal is not disputing anything that was written.

    •  the difference between dictatorship and democracy (0+ / 0-)

      Our demoocracy depends on our military obeying our elected leaders.

      If its the other way around then we ain't in a democracy anymore.  It is vital Obama fires this drunken soldier and end this loose-lip-sinking-ship, foul-mouthed insubordination to our elected leaders.  Plenty of other 4-star generals out there to take his place.

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