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  •  Yes, in fact, hell yes (4+ / 0-)

    IMO it is extremely important that McC gets the boot.  He has violated articles expressly prohibiting his treating his superiors as if they were so much tasteless tofu.  In addition he has a history of trying to circumvent his superiors by trying to use the press to put Obama's nuts in the cracker.  So this is at least a second offense.  And, there are other problems as well, notably Pat Tillman's mom accusing McC of being directly involved in a cover up regarding Tillman's death.

    KO expressed the thought that Obama accept McC's papers and then tell the SOB to go back to work while Obama thought about the problem.

    I disagree with Keith there too.  Keith seems to think that it would spike the rethug talking points, but they seem to have an endless supply of nonsense and made up conspiracy theories.  And all they would do would say tsk tsk how weak Obama is.

    I truly believe that McC is doing a poor job in Afghanistan or else we shouldn't continue this nonsense either.  Withou McC maybe Obama could get clearer on the mission or lack thereof?

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