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  •  Maybe McChrystal can go fuck some goats (5+ / 0-)

    instead of giving them as consolation prizes to bereft Afghans
    Excerpt from Greewald:

    American troops in mid-February entered a village in the Eastern Afghan province of Paktia, killed five civilians (a male government official, his brother, and three female relatives, including two pregnant women and a teenager) and then lied about what happened.  ABC News this week described the efforts of U.S. Special Forces to apologize to Haji Sharabuddin -- the 80-year-old patriarch of that family who lost two sons, two daughters and a granddaughter in the attack -- by offering him two sheep (a gesture of begging forgiveness in Pashtun custom)

    •  Shooting an "amazing number" of civilians, Gen? (7+ / 0-)

      Link to TPM story about McChrystal's coolness regarding civilian casualties. Bastard.

      Gee, and I was starting to think we didn't care about Muslims.

         Do we in fact really understand the extent of injustice in the Middle East? When I finished writing my new book, I realized how amazed I was that after the past 90 years of injustice, betrayal, slaughter, terror, torture, secret policemen and dictators, how restrained Muslims had been, I realized, towards the West, because I don’t think we Westerners care about Muslims. I don’t think we care about Muslim Arabs. You only have to look at the reporting of Iraq. Every time an American or British soldier is killed, we know his name, his age, whether he was married, the names of his children. But 500,000-600,000 Iraqis, how many of their names have found their way onto our television programs, our radio shows, our newspapers? They are just numbers, and we don’t even know the statistic.

         Do you remember the time when George Bush was pushed and pushed: what were the figures of the Iraqi dead? At that stage, it was less, and he said, "Oh, 30,000. More or less." Can you imagine if he had been asked how many Americans had died, and he said "3,000, more or less"? Those words, "more or less," somehow said it all.

      •  To me, this is all about discipline.... (0+ / 0-)

        ...the general shows a lack of it and he sets the bar for his subordinates...pretty much the entire military. Obama needs to make an example of him.

        I expect crap to happen in the military (abu gharib) but, i don't expect to know about it!

        Please refrain from blowing vuvuzelas in this forum...your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

        by suspiciousmind on Wed Jun 23, 2010 at 04:10:24 AM PDT

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