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  •  hell, even The Economist isn't impressed (none)
    Not exactly a left-wing blog:
    In essence, [the US government] ignored the findings of the Abu Ghraib enquiry conducted by major-General Antonio Taguba, in which he spoke of "systematic" problems at Abu Ghraib, since punishment was not imposed far up the chain of command.  It has also sought to ignore consistent evidence that torture has been used in Guantánamo and to avoid confronting the unjust legal limbo in which prisoners there have been kept for almost three years.  And the man who commissioned memos justifying torture, Alberto Gonzales, has been punished by being nominated by George Bush as his new attorney-general.  He is likely to be confirmed even with the support of Democrats.  They don't appear to care about his association with torture.  They support him simply on the grounds that he is a Latino.

    The worst sin, though, is the one that goes right to the top.  Neither Mr Bush nor Tony Blair is willing to accept blame for what has occurred, nor to demand accountability for it from their cabinets.

    There's really no reasonable grounds on which to support this nomination.

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