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View Diary: UPDATED! GOP: Obama to grant illegals amnesty (w/poll) (82 comments)

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  •  any stats to support this? (0+ / 0-)

    This assumes that most illegal immigrants are on payroll, but very large numbers of them are not. Day laborers, nannies, house cleaners, dishwashers, busboys very often work for cash, off the books and are not on payroll. Have you got any statistics to suggest "the vast majority" are paying taxes?

    The difference, as I stated it before, is that the US forces workers it needs into illegal status.  The only reason why legal immigration has been shut down is racism


    Immigration has not been shut down. Over a million people immigrate here legally each year. Anyone who illegal enters the country as an adult does this by  choice. It is the risk one assumes.

    I can't understand why anyone who calls themselves a Democrat would support such a patently unfair and unjust set of laws


    Again, what's unjust about having to actually follow the law in order to receive the benefits of it.

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