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View Diary: White House responds to Republican filibuster of jobless benefits and state aid (148 comments)

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  •  For each job opening there are six applicants now (4+ / 0-)

    ...according to Rachael reporting tonight.


    (A) This time the Republicans block-voted to block both an unemployment extension that would have saved many adults and children from literally ending on the streets as this situation is second only to figures from the Great Depression, and...

    (B) Sharon "the Obtuse" Angel said "our citizenry is spoiled" and don't want the jobs that are available...although there are no jobs available for five out of six applicants. At all.


    (C) Kyle (R-est) said today providing the unemployment benefits creates an "un-incentive" for seeking work. Obviously Kyle means people having any access to the subsistence survival monies derived from the money they have paid into unemployment benefits all their live-long working days means they won't apply for the phantom and non-existent jobs he thinks exist.

    I'm certain that when the Congress says you cannot have the money you gave us to hold in escrow against a tsunami day will cause more people to apply for jobs. Seems Kyle would like to see the national tragedy of Americans flailing around in despair for jobs that do not exist., and...

    (D)"Compassionate Conservative" Republican Steven King gave his reason for voting against releasing the small unemployment benefit funds folk pay into (giving the government a role in insurance, thusly hoping that such machinations are the stuff we now have put in place to prevent another Great Depression) said in defense of his "NO" vote position: "We shouldn't turn the 'safety net into a hammock."

    Actually Hatch wants no one to have benefits, but if somehow this benefit bill comes up again, he wants ALL beneficiaries of their paid-into unemployment insurance to personal prevent

    Well, if there are only one job per every half-dozen job seekers, I'd guess conservation of energy in a hammock might slow down the starvation rate, Mr. King.

    ...there's even an "E"...for pure evil...

    (E) Dean Heller (R) of Nevada said the current economic downturns in policies may indeed bring back the Great Depression and may bring back the hobos. People who wandered the country taking odd-jobs.

    Things have changed Heller. Try wandering around a suburb, out of work, looking quite down on your luck, and begging for "odd-jobs." Like what? Like who in the McMansions wouldn't just call the police for your desperate troubles. His (lack of) "money quote" you ask?

    "Is the government now creating hobos?"

    Do you understand, Mr. Heller, you are referencing you and your party in this particular use of "government hobo creation" as it's only the Republicans voting against this in a bloc?

    So, the answer to your question Heller is this: Not all the government is turning five out of six job applicants into "hobos," only Republican Congress-critters are creating hobos by blocking returning benefits to those who have paid into the national "rainy day" unemployment fund.

    Then there's "Good Ole Tyme Utah Krazy...

    (F)...our reliable friend fiend, Orrin Hatch (R-Urine) who has a pretty nifty notion we should not be giving any money to people. Because obviously when your rent/mortgage/groceries/utilities are due...and you are a typical  person who had been working-class and your job last week was off-shored, Orrin knowns that forking over your earned and stockpiled unemployment benefits is will only expose that you are the guttersnipe type. To such waistrail families there is simply no incentive that they will just blow their benefits on drugs (what is that high-pitched sound? I think my dog is looking up.)

    Hatch wants no truck with anymore unemployment benefits. But if the pusher-hugging Democrats manage to pass a benefits bill soon, Orrin hankers for your urine (testing.)

    Did I mention the Democrats even stroked the Republicans by adding ANOTHER TAX CUT onto this extension bill ("Here fishy, fishy...) And the simple truth is giving citizens their money they paid into unemployment insurance, ffs, is instant stimulus as they need to eat and clothe their children, and buy fossil fuels, and pay for medical difficulties.

    While the capitulation of the Democratic party as desperate bait to get this bill extended would be a beloved Mobius that would add to the deficit. Big time. Again.

    When are the out of work blue and denim and mall uniform collared worker Republicans, downsized to their home hobo hammocks, facing no work on the "deepest of horizons" going to realize the Republicans not only intend to keep the American people's insurance benefits with no pay out (isn't that what people opted to pay out of their paychecks for unemployment insurance is?)

    Economic catastrophe? We're the GOBP and we're here to help. By insulting hard working laid-off people who have only one job per six applicants"hobos."

    Now, since this economic downturn is second only to the Great Depression where there are no jobs, we know you have some time on your railroad wandering bum hands.

    What we reeeeely need you to do is wipe off that-a-thar mud and tears and vote Republican at the mid-turns, eh, Citizen?

    What's that? You dare ask why you should vote Republican?

    Why, to fight Communism! Socialism! From fear of becoming a minority-majority in "your own country, because we're telling you that if there is any welfare (other than farm subsidies to not grow crops, and while we're at it, don't fall for any other stop-gap assistance you've earned, and make sure you support Republicans against Medicare/VA benefits/Disability support.

    The lowest of the low "Big Insult" uttered by a bracketed "R" who is...of this 1030's depression redux from the "grating" state of South Carolina. Andre "Feed them and they'll breed!" Bauer. Yes. He said the unemployed were what his Grandmaw called "stray animals."

    Republicans. Don't they know that Republicans are out of work and out of luck too?

    Will no one rid this country of this troublesome, amoral, and insane Republican clown posse?

    "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross."

    -- Sinclair Lewis

    Arizona: Land of Ihre Papiere, Bitte.

    by Dunvegan on Thu Jun 24, 2010 at 07:58:17 PM PDT

    •  Trillions for thieving Banksters!! (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      loyaldemocrat, Calamity Jean, brein

      Trillions for thieving Wall st. banksters, but not a dime for their victims? Endless off budget billions for the endless Wars against goat herders, billions of tax breaks, subsidizes  & bail outs galore for any Int'l Corp. that asks for it , including BP but not a dime more for the millions of unemployed Americans in the worst Depression since the 30's now 3 yrs. on? WTF is going on here? Where is Mr. Hope and Change?

      "It's better to die on your feet then live on your knees" E. Zapata

      by Blutodog on Thu Jun 24, 2010 at 08:42:36 PM PDT

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