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View Diary: BP's Gulf Disaster: ROV #137 (330 comments)

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  •  The information from ranging (6+ / 0-)

    isn't a clearcut "it's 67' 7" away at an azimuth of 143 degrees".

    They're detecting an electromagnetic signal of known source amplitude through a medium of partially known electrical characteristics. They'll have a reasonable idea of direction, but at first attempt only a guess at distance. As they take more readings as they approach the bore, they'll get a better fix on distance too (since they'll know the distance between measuring positions and can work out the formation's EM characteristcs from the change in signal over that known distance).

    They want to intersect square on the middle of the bore, because they want to make sure they gain access both to the annular space and the inside of the casing (assuming there is still casing down there). So, they're going to make sure their fix is as good as it can be.

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