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View Diary: BP's Gulf Disaster: ROV #137 (330 comments)

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  •  Nope. The BOP weighs in at 450 tons (6+ / 0-)

    Here's a post from the oil drum of what holds the BOP up.

    Macondo Well

    First a 36" casing, up to 2" thick was put down. It extends from the mud line to 255 feet down, as tall as a 25 story building.

    Next a 28" casing was run from the mudline to 1,150 feet down, almost the height of the Empire State building.

    This was followed by a 22" casing from the mudline 2,870 feet down, twice as deep as the World Trade Center was high.

    All three of these casings were completely cemented together and they form a very solid base which is what supports the BOP. I won’t detail the casing string below the 22" but is in the above pdf.

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