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View Diary: BP's Gulf Disaster: ROV #137 (330 comments)

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  •  The Goldilocks "just-right" approach (0+ / 0-)

    Neither unwarranted oracle-like doom-and-gloom scenarios; nor overly optimistic can't happen pronouncements.

    Fishgrease got it "just right" when he said in his diary:

    Yes, there's some problems downhole. No great discovery there. There's a general consensus in the industry that "serious failures of varying magnitude" downhole caused the initial blowout. What no one has any proof of is that it is "breaking down and it will continue to". Common sense tells us that if the flow is coming up through faulty or damaged cement structures, there would be some continuing erosion. But how severe? And most importantly, where downhole? No one knows and we've seen nothing that can tell us.

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