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  •  Michael Lewis is a really interesting writer... (none)
    I would recommend reading all of his books, especially Liar's Poker and The New New Thing. His work explores how oddballs come up with disruptive ideas that literally change the world. A lesson any progessive would want to learn. Also, I would recommend reading Good to Great. Which imho is one best business books ever.
    •  Lewis (none)
      I was first introduced to him when he reported on the 1996 Republican presidential primary candidates for TNR.  Presumably, his editors wanted to him to follow the contenders around, but he found their robo-campaigns so monotonous that more or less ended up covering Morry "the Griz" Taylor around.  Absolutely hilarious stuff, which became the basis of a book that is now called "Losers", though was initially published as "Trail Fever".  

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