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View Diary: [Neocons] Seymour Hersh: "We've Been Taken Over by a Cult" (435 comments)

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  •  Its so hard though - they're like cats (4.00)
    I used to joke that swing voters are like cats. Imagine walking up to a kitty cat and raising your hands in the air proclaiming "George Bush is a disaster! He's driving our country into the ground!"

    I learned this the hard way trying to convince a couple of friends to a) vote and b) vote against Bush. I could tell it wasn't working when they diliberately changed the subject, then later complimented me "we think it's so cute how you're into politics now". sigh

    •  I have given up on several people I love (none)
      including my roommate. Sitting at the dinner table last night, listening to her and a coupld of friends talk aboutIraq and terrorism, etc, especially listening to the 823rd recital of the 'the librul media only shows the dead bodies and they never show the good things we've done like taking crayons to elementary schools' mantra... I kept my mouth shut because there isn't a damn thing I could say that would shift the opinions expressed in the least bit, and I really didn't want to spoil an otherwise enjoyable evening.

      The truly frightening thing though, is that after watching the BBC program (link in my comment above), I recognized what I was hearing, and have come to realize just how much control the Straussians have over otherwise intelligent people. These frogs are cooking, and all the croaking I do will not convince them to jump out of the pot.

      "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce." -Karl Marx

      by Lainie on Wed Jan 26, 2005 at 06:29:35 PM PST

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      •  Don't you struggle with it? (none)
        I mean I wish I could just let it go, but I hear the phrase my mom repeats like a mantra "you're part of the solution, or you're part of the problem". My mom is much better at stirring things up, does not shy away from confrontation, whereas I am a total wuss.
        •  Yes, I do struggle with it- (none)
          And had I been alone with any of them, I might have said something. But it was 3 to 1, and my roommate has taken to flying off the handle of late (she's the one who is a civilian working for Army recruiting- and the propaganda she hears at work is more important to her than any rational information I can present). Rather than make a scene, knowing that I would accomplish noting but alienating them, I was quiet until I was able to change the subject.  And it wasn't like I hadn't discussed such matters with them before.  

          No, I'm not happy about it. But I don't see a better solution.

          "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce." -Karl Marx

          by Lainie on Wed Jan 26, 2005 at 07:58:56 PM PST

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          •  I meant to say (none)
            I struggle with it, and usually wimp out and say nothing. Hope that came through in the original comment. Good luck to you - I can't think of a better solution, either, other than admitting who you vote for and leaving it at that.
            •  suggest the socratic method (4.00)
              ask them questions to explain themselves. "do the librul media really control everything? what makes you think so?" and when they answer ask "why do you think that?" and when they answer, ask "why do you think that?" On and on. They get tied in knots, and then they get fearful.

              you never even have to express an opinion. you just keep asking for understanding, for evidence, for logic. you don't have to point out their logical failures to them, even; you just say "but I don't me said this, but you also said that is true, and I can't put the two together...."

              takes a while, but interesting results often ensue.

      •  lkjjh (none)
        Next time tell them to write their Congressmen urging them to reinstate the fairness doctrine, if they think the media is "liberal."

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