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View Diary: [Neocons] Seymour Hersh: "We've Been Taken Over by a Cult" (435 comments)

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  •  we're in the abyss already (none)
    We fell into it on 9/11.  That was when American civilization as we knew it passed forever.  

    When you're afraid of having to jump to your death from a burning skyscraper, or to have that happen to your spouse or kids, you can be manipulated into doing absolutely anything.

    We thought we were special, with our brilliant democratic experiment that made us so much better than anyone else in the world, but in reality we just had never been frightened enough for us to turn into Nazis.  And now we can see it happening.

    •  I totally disagree! (4.00)
      The only point I can think of that you're making is that half the country has been scared enough by 9/11 for the neocon agenda to roll over them. As far as I'm concerned, the silent coup took place in the 2000 election. This cult laid out this Administration's agenda BEFORE that election even took place (I'm referring to PNAC, I believe is the acronym) and would have been put in place with or without 9/11. Those airplanes were nothing but a convenient event to accellerate the process, and there is every liklihood that 9/11 was quite intentionally permitted if not downright collaborated on.

      My point is that the response of this Administration has NOTHING to do with 9/11 or fear. This is now, and has been, their agenda for a very long time, well before Bush was elected. Bush's appointments were very specific in bringing this group together specifically to impliment this agenda. 9/11 just made it a bit easier for them. And it has been pure genius, not to mention pure evil, for them to wrap it all up in a pretty Christian bow. It is utterly beyond me how anyone claiming to have a personal relationship with Christ, or even God for that matter, could even begin to buy into their pack of lies straight from the gates of Hell, but somehow they've managed it. If ever there was an anti-Christ, it is NOW, and comfortably residing in and controlling this Administration.

      •  I'm talking about the American people (none)
        not the neocons.  I was responding to the post about "America on the edge of the abyss" comparing us to Germany before Hitler really cut loose.  And I agree with you, 9/11 was a great gift to Bush and his cronies - so great that one wonders if they knew it was coming and allowed it to happen.

        My point was that we always thought "It can't happen here", but of course it can happen here, and I believe it is happening.

        Speaking of lies and the Antichrist, M. Scott Peck's book The People of The Lie is very interesting.  He addresses the question, "Does evil exist?" and he answers yes, it does, and its defining characteristics are total selfishness and constant lying and obfuscation.

        Hmm. sounds familiar.

        •  People of the Lie (none)
          Interesting you should bring that up. I've thought of it numerous times in relation to this adminstration and it probably plays a role in my belief that they are truly evil rather than just zealously misguided.

          The part I just can't wrap my brain around is how many "Christians" have been swept up by the lies. It seems to me that anyone with even a passing familiarity with Christ's teachings would intuitively recognize the lies and abhor them. I don't remember the exact Biblical wording, but it is the vast number of people who have been so easily led to these reprehensible beliefs that reminds me of the passages in the Bible that refer to how the vast majority will be fooled by the anti-Christ. I suppose the fact that on a world-wide basis, it's primarily just half of our own country (is it really or just half of those who vote) that have bought into it while the majority of the world's inhabitants recognize the lies. Maybe the anti-Christ requires fooling the entire world and that would let Bushco off the hook.

          •  He could either be the antichrist... (none)
            ...or a very evil person that will create a worldwide reaction that will enable a more universally-accepted antichrist figure to arise (a Dooku feint to a coming Palpatine?). Either way, I know he is evil, and that I cannot in any good conscience support him. All we can do is take a hard look at those who would lead us, and recognize evil when we see it, and oppose it when we see it, and pray that we not be decieved, that our souls remain healthy. If Bush is defeated by a greater force, we must still look at that force and discern its intent also.

            Treating people just like pawns in chess, wait til their judgment day comes

            by Alioth on Sat Apr 23, 2005 at 02:44:54 AM PDT

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      •  You are on the money.... (none)
        Before we all fall into despair, realize that Bush has conquered ~1/3 of this country.  There is still our ~1/3 that voted against him (yes, it is smaller than Bush's by 3 million people .)  Then, there is the ~1/3+ that doesn't care/doesn't vote.

        This should interest everybody here.

        We do not need to change the minds of Bush voters.  We need to reach the people who don't care right now.  We need to make them care and realize the gravity of this situation.

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