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View Diary: [Neocons] Seymour Hersh: "We've Been Taken Over by a Cult" (435 comments)

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  •  Escapist fantasies (4.00)
    This morning my wife and I were telling our daughter about Rambo movies (she was born too late) and the way these fantasies that rewrote recent American military history set the stage for the drama that the Bushies are playing out.

    I agree with the idea that many people want this "America goes it alone. . . for Democracy!" narrative, and I also agree with the point that they can because there has been little cost to many for pursuing it. That's what is amazing to me, that the real costs have yet to break through their bubble -- and just how self-centered people must be to able to absorb the daily casualty figures and the mounting debt and still say: things are fine for me.

    What Hersh said about the coming economic crisis made me shudder. If Americans have not figured out what got them into this, their reaction to a severe shock could be defined by the same nationalist fantasy mindset that brought us the war and re-election. In which case, we're all so screwed.

    •  Exactly my fear (4.00)
      The economic collapse of the 1930's lead to two very divergent reactions in the U.S. and in Germany.  Here, of course, FDR, backed by an economically populist Democratic party that puts our modern day counterparts to shame, put together the most progressive economic policies our country has seen. And, we all know what went down in Germany.  It scares the shit out of me that modern day U.S., where corporatism is embraced by both parties, bears a much greater resemblance to the prelude days of German fascism, where corporations, religion, and nationalism ruled, than to the realignment days of FDR.  

      The other thing that freaks me out is the thought that an economic collapse is exactly what Rove and Co. have been explicitly trying to accomplish.  Those guys are anything but stupid.  They KNOW that creating huge trade and budget deficits could lead to an economic collapse, and all indications point to a persistant, deliberate attempt to achieve such a result.  When people's lives starting hitting the shitter, what is Fox News going to say?  It's the fault of Bush's economic policies?  There will be a scapegoat-it could be China, terrorists, whoever-but as demonstrated in Dubya I, the ability of the NeoCons to capitalize on people's fears for their own power grabs is awesome.  Maybe I just need to get some sleep, but when Rove says stuff about a "permanent Republican majority," I can't help but get seriously freaked.

      The American left needs to get organized in a serious fucking way-revive the labor movement, build independent media, etc.-or the world could be in for some major, major pain in the future.  

      •  If you read the rapture websites ... (none)
        you'll realize that provoking an economic crisis is exactly what the fundies running our government want - the fall of Babylon.
        •  Yes..."CRISIS" is the key word (none)
          In order for them to retain power, the crises must continue.  We have seen the power of the crisis they created.  

          Serious thought must go into how this is to be fought.

          Organization, outside the traditional political system, is an absolute necessity.

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