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  •  Anti-war before volunteering (none)
    I have not dug any further into this issue than the piece I saw on PBS, but Kerry did give a speech at commencement exercises before volunteering where he criticized the Vietnam War.  Now someone else told me that he didn't explicitly criticize the morality of the war, but rather the practicality of U.S. policy that relied so heavily on military action to achieve its goals.  Still, even that sounds like an implicit criticism of the Vietnam War.

    Now why would someone be opposed to the logic for war, if not the morality, yet still volunteer?  I can understand coming out of a conflict opposed to war, but being opposed to it beforehand and then joining, killing people as a result of that decision, and then criticizing the war again afterward?  It just smelled too much and created enough unease internally (cognitive dissonance) for me that I wouldn't have, and didn't, vote for Kerry as the democratic nominee.

    That to me has always sounded too much like political opportunism, the awareness that being an articulate vet criticizing the war afterward would be a speedy way of advancing a political career.  

    Kerry was not the best nominee from which the democrats had to pick.

    But I would have picked Mickey Mouse over the boy king who has led this nation straight toward Hell.

    King George... Bush the Butcher.

    by rangemaster on Thu Jan 27, 2005 at 11:10:49 AM PST

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