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View Diary: 19 Is The New 420 (285 comments)

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  •  Hilarious! You see no difference in your friends (0+ / 0-)

    BECAUSE THEY'VE BEEN SMOKING AN EIGHTH A DAY FOR FORTY YEARS! You have no way of knowing how they might have developed had they smoked a lot less, or not at all.

    Weed is especially dangerous for teens and their developing central nervous systems. It's quite addictive (as your friends exemplify perfectly), and constant ingestion of THC, particularly at the levels found in today's highly hybridized pot, is debilitating for most people. For the young, it can completely short circuit their intellectual and emotional maturation.

    •  as will a pint of vodka a day (0+ / 0-)

      make sure your kids don't do that.

      witness the GOPRANOS.. rethugs: "If they fuck with me or Shaha, I have enough on them to fuck them too." -Paul Wolfowitz, quoted by the UK's Guardian

      by change the Be on Wed Jun 30, 2010 at 09:40:29 PM PDT

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